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The HAAN Corporation is the industry leader in steam-cleaning technology. We are committed to providing continual development and innovation in its field. We developed Smart Steam Technology®, a process by which all products are designed and constructed to ensure the highest standards in engineering, quality, and customer service.

With sophisticated engineering, sleek design and intuitive features, our customers experience unparalleled quality and uncompromised clean. At our core, making your lives easier is our priority. We dedicate our business to making it easy to achieve a clean, safe home.

Good for the home environment and the global environment

You can't get much greener than steam. It is 100% chemical free. Using only tap water, HAAN steam cleaners kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and allergy-causing dust mites. High heat sanitizes hard and soft surfaces, loosens dirt and grime and deodorizes almost every surface in the home. It is a cost effective way to clean the entire house without using a single chemical.

Because HAAN steam mops use only water, there is no chemical residue or harsh detergents that can find their way into your family's bodies and into your local water supplies.

HAAN is continually improving upon consumer packaging to do our part in helping reduce waste. HAAN steam mops and cleaners also come with reusable pads and attachments. Less product packaging, reusable cleaning pads and cleaning tools mean less waste in landfills.

HAAN Multi Purpose Steamers SI-A70   HAAN Slim and Light Steamers SI-A45   HAAN Floor Scrubbing Steamers SS-A25   HAAN Steam Mop Special Packages


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